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I’ve worked with both Denise and Dr. Josline as a receptionist since 2015. I’m a lover of all things Disney, Harry Potter, cats, and corgis! I enjoy spending time with friends; whether that be a fun night out or a night in our pajamas, watching Netflix and playing board games. I’m currently enrolled at NAIT to become an Event Planner and I’d love a future position in the wedding and/or festival industry.

I’m very excited to be going on an adventure to Scotland, Ireland, and England in October 2018 in the hopes of having an “Eat Pray Love” type of experience. Have you been to these places before? I’d love recommendations on where to go and what to see!

Always Seeing The Good

I’m a Pisces, so my element is water. I’m very in tune with people’s energies and emotions, I can always see the good in people and I’m a daydreamer and a night thinker, so my best ideas come at night!

I am most in my element when… practicing Reiki, in water, and when I karaoke!

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