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I’m Chelsey Vogt, a loving mother of two energetic young boys aged 3 and 4, fuelled by compassion, curiosity and understanding. I enjoy the challenges and the cuddles of raising my children. I can’t imagine a more satisfying role than being a mother. Meeting, greeting and making new friends is second only to that.

I also have a passion for woodworking. I attended Thompson Rivers University for Joinery after graduating high school. Today, I continue my hobby of woodworking building tables, signs and shelving in my spare time. Also, in my spare time I’ve found a recently new passion with hiking. I’ve done several hikes through the Rocky Mountains and look forward to many more hiking trails through the wilderness.

Intuitive and Nurturing

My element is water, I’m intuitive and nurturing. Other people’s emotions effect me deeply, if someone is crying, soon I will be too! If someone is ecstatic, I’m right there with them!

I am most in my element when… spending quality time with my family and friends.

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