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OrthoticsCustom Orthotics

Your feet are the foundation of your body. Just like a house with a cracked foundation splintering up to the roof, if your feet are out of alignment, that can cause a chain reaction of pain and strain throughout your body.

What are orthotics?  Orthotics are biomechanical medical appliances that stop foot pain and the damage it causes. Dr. Josline offers orthotics created around the exact mold of your feet. Just insert them into your shoes to bring your feet into proper alignment.

Why wear orthotics?

• Restore balance and alignment to your body
• Injury prevention
• Better shock absorption
• Improved comfort and stability
• Pain relief

Why choose us? Dr. Josline has a passion for great foot health and educating patients on theirs. From start to finish she will answer any questions or concerns you have. And, if orthotics are not right for you, she will tell you that too.


Do I Need Orthotics?

If you answer yes to the following questions, you may be a potential candidate for orthotics:

•  Are your feet sore on a regular basis?
•  Do you have heel pain on a regular basis?
•  Do you spend a good portion of the day walking or standing?
•  Do you play sports regularly?
•  Does walking or running result in joint pain (ankle, knee, hip, or back)?
•  Are you overweight?
•  Do you have visible foot problems (bunions, fallen arches, calluses, corns)?
•  Do your feet “toe-out” or “toe-in” when you walk?
•  Do you have a family history of foot problems?

Do I need a Doctor’s Prescription?

Depending on your extended health insurance, you may need a medical doctor’s note. Otherwise, Dr. Josline can write an orthotic prescription for you.

What do I need to ask for my extended health insurance to make sure I am reimbursed?

The main questions you need to ask include:

1) Do I need a medical doctor’s prescription? We sometimes see this!
2) Can my chiropractor dispense orthotics? Very typically, the answer is yes!
3) What percentage is covered and how much am I covered for? 

How much do orthotics cost?

Orthotics cost $400 per pair. There are no additional charges.

What is the process like and how long does it take?

A brief consultation and examination, including a full biomechanical assessment and gait analysis will be performed. This is followed up by taking a cast of your feet. We will then discuss the best type of orthotics for you including a top cover and modifications recommended by Dr. Josline. This takes around 15 minutes. The orthotics take 2-3 weeks to arrive and you can pick them up or book a fitting appointment, whatever you prefer. 

To book a no-charge consultation to determine if orthotics is the right course of treatment for you, contact us today! Additionally, you can email Dr. Josline directly at drjosline (at)