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Mental Health in Spruce Grove

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We offer an array of mental health services. Please note, all services provided are fee-for-service. While some therapists offer direct billing, where accepted by the Insurance company, payment is otherwise due at the time of service. Please note,  not all Insurance companies offer direct billing and not all services are eligible for reimbursement by your Insurance provider. For example, Sunlife does not offer direct billing to clients for mental health services. A receipt is provided for all services rendered. Please check with your individual Insurance provider to see what coverage you have. When your benefits do not cover services or coverage is minimal, we offer an array of therapists with diverse training and affordable options starting at $155/hr.

The below information will assist you with determining your coverage:

Cheryl Otterbein, Psychotherapist/Counselling Therapist- member of the Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta and Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada- $155/hr+. PLEASE NOTE: Due to regulations in Alberta, most benefit plans (extended health care) do not cover services with Cheryl. In Alberta, Psychotherapists and Counselling Therapists are not regulated as in other provinces. These services are currently waiting on the provincial government for proclamation.

Kesley Huber, Counselor/Registered Provisional Psychologist- Registered Provisional Psychologist and member of the College of Alberta Psychologists- $200/hr+

Cherisse Kovacs, Counselor/Registered Provisional Psychologist- Registered Provisional Psychologist and member of the College of Alberta Psychologists- $200/hr+

Amy Quintal, Masters Level Social Worker- Social Worker and member of the Alberta College of Social Workers- $190/hr+

Get to Know Our Team:

Cheryl Otterbein: Click here for more information and to book with Cheryl, Psychotherapist.

Kelsey Huber:  Click here for more information and to book with Kelsey, Registered Provisional Psychologist.

Cherisse Kovacs:  Click here for more information and to book with Cherisse, Counselor/Registered Provisional Psychologist.

Amy Quintal:  Click here for more information and to book with Amy, Masters Level Social Worker.



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