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Student Chiropractor


We’ve added a new member to our team! We would like to welcome student chiropractor, Ryan VanHalst to Elements Health. He will be completing his internship with us until May 17, 2024. 

Ryan will be practicing as a student chiropractor under the supervision of Dr. Josline Hampson. Ryan has a special interest in treating neck pain, as well as shoulder and ankle pain and injuries. He is also proficient in instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), myofascial release, and shockwave therapy.

The new patient fee is $75, follow-up treatments are $35, and shockwave therapy is $100. PLEASE NOTE: we do not offer direct billing for these services. Ryan is available to book: Mondays 12-7, Tuesdays 8-12, Wednesdays 9-3. and Fridays 7:30-2 at the Nelson Drive location.

He offers same-day appointments and is accepting new patients of all ages. To book, call/text: 780-571-3536 or contact us here