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snoringDoes your significant other keep you up at night, preventing you from getting a night of quality sleep due to snoring?

You might be surprised to know these facts:

How Many People Snore? 25% of the world
Average Snoring Time Per Night 1 hour
How Many Decibels Is Snoring? 50-65
Percent Of Men Who Snore 40%
Percent Of Children Who Snore 5.6%

While there are a lot of reasons people snore, the end result is that those that share the same space with them lack sleep.  There becomes a lot of conflict with couples whose spouses are chronically tired.

The good news?  There is a solution!   You may be surprised that hypnosis can assist you – the listener, sleep better at night.  With the help of a trained counseling hypnotherapist, you may experience a good nights sleep in as little as one session.   I cannot stop your significant other from snoring, but I can help you the listener get a good night’s sleep no matter how loud they are. Have questions about hypnotherapy? Check out my post here or reach out to me anytime.

Cheryl Otterbein, RTC, HT, C.Cht, NCFAC, NCRNC